Finding The Best Online Spanish Class Possible: Rocket Languages

Finding The Best Online Spanish Class Possible: Rocket Languages

There are few things in life which are more of an undertaking than learning a new language. Most of us don’t even remember learning how to speak a language anymore, as those memories are confined to the murky haze of early childhood. You will find that you need all the help that you can get when you learn a language.

There are so many different options at your disposal when you are deciding how you are going to learn a language. For a long time, the best way to learn a new language has been to take courses in person where you have an instructor that will help you through the steps of learning your chosen language.

Language Learning

Today, the best way to learn a language is a little harder to determine than it used to be since there are so many different options which are available. One of the best language learning methods that are available is learning a language online, as this affords you freedom and convenience that would otherwise be impossible in a regular class.

Today, we are going to be taking a look at the best way to learn Spanish online or one of them at least. If you are looking to learn practical Spanish online, you will have to opt for a program that is as effective as possible. Choosing the right program can ensure that your learning experience is that much smoother.

Before we get to our Rocket Spanish review, we are going to look at some things that should be considered before you make your decision to enroll in the program. Feel free to skip right down to our review if that is all that you are interested in or you have enrolled in a program before.

Why You Should Choose Your Online Language Course Carefully

You may be wondering why you should put so much thought into the language course that you opt for. There are so many reasons why it is critical to choose for the best course possible. Of course, the most important reason why you should opt for a superior program is that it will be easier to learn the language.

If it is difficult to learn, your motivation will be sapped, which means that you will be much more likely to drop out of the program before making any meaningful progress. While it may seem simple to choose the right program, but there are so many different aspects which you will have to account for when making your choice.

Choose Your Online Language Course Carefully

Choosing the right language program also has the advantage of getting done quicker, which means that you will waste less time learning your language. This is critical if you are trying to learn a language in the shortest possible amount of time (if you are going to be visiting a new country shortly).

A shorter learning period will also make it more affordable to discover your chosen language as you will have to spend less money on classes over the time that you are learning. Keep in mind that this may be slightly offset by the increased price point of a program with higher standards.

Some Of The Problems

There are some of the things you need to be aware of:

Dropout Rate

Of the things that you will want to avoid when choosing your best Spanish online course, a high dropout rate is one of the worst. It is evidence of the program being ineffective since it demonstrates that students are unable to remain in it for an extended period.

A high dropout rate may occur for any number of reasons. Most often, a program will not have an abysmal dropout rate because of a single reason. It is more than likely that a poor language learning program has a high dropout rate due to a combination of circumstances that make it less than ideal.

Another thing that a high dropout rate will demonstrate is that a program which has relatively high numbers for initial enrolment is not as efficient as you would expect it to be. Of every metric that you could examine when trying to find your best Spanish lessons online, the dropout rate is likely the most useful.

Users Don’t Have Enough Time To Learn

Another issue that is very common when learning how to speak Spanish online is that you will not have enough time to participate in all of your lessons. This is especially important to consider if you are particularly busy. Regardless of whether you have a job or if you are going to school, your time is precious.

Users Don’t Have Enough Time To Learn

You may be wondering how exactly you can tell if you will be wasting time with your program or if it will provide an efficient method for learning your chosen language. There are a few ways that you can see if you are selecting the best possible Spanish learning method.

For example, one of the worst ways that a course can waste your time when learning a new language is by having a clunky and unnecessarily cluttered user interface (UI). While it may not seem like a poor UI would waste all that much money, you will find that the time lost tends to stack up.

Minor issues can end up wasting a huge amount of time if you are taking a long-term course that will leave you fluent in your chosen language. Some of these classes can last years, and even a minute per day every year will end up wasting just over six hours, so even a small amount of time can be a massive waste.

Aside from optimizing the user interface, you should try to find a program which can be used on your phone as well as your computer. If you can use your chosen language course when you are on the go, you will have much less downtime during which you do nothing, as you can learn a language instead.

There Is No One To Practice With

The best programs for those who are attempting to learn to speak Spanish online will have an active community that is available to aid with the learning process.

While there are many services which can help you learn Spanish with minor interaction with others, the whole point of a language is to communicate with others, so you should be able to practice.

There are only so many ways that you will be able to practice your language skills with artificial intelligence, so eventually, you will need to talk to someone. If your chosen Spanish language course lets you talk to other learners at a similar level, it will be much easier to iron out any issues.

practice your language skills

If you are wondering how you will be able to interact with others, there are a few options. The most common choice is a forum in which learners can ask each other questions, form pools, and simply discuss the language. Another option is voice communication so you can practice your skills in oral interaction.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Online Language Course

There are also things you should consider when choosing an online course:


The software which is used by your chosen language program will have the most significant impact on your learning experience out of many of the features that are in this particular section. Since the software governs your every interaction with your course, you will want it to be as optimized as possible.

Quality software will reduce the amount of time you spend waiting for your lesson to load, how much easier it is for you to complete your lessons and other matters of convenience. While the quality of life features may not be so critical for every buyer, if you want your course to be relatively straightforward, opt for one which uses advanced software.

Ease Of Use

This next aspect ties right into software, but it concerns much more than just the software which is used in your class. If your program is easy to use, you will be far less likely to drop out of the course since you won't get frustrated by any minor inconveniences.

Easy of use learning software.

While a more patient user will not have to worry about ease of use getting between them and their chosen program, everyone has a breaking point. Once you are fed up with a program’s issues, you will find it very difficult to return when you see superior competitors available.

Progress Tracking

When learning a new language, one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you improve your comprehension is to track your progress. When you see just how far you have come in a language, there is something that encourages to continue.

It is not only a matter of pride when you see that you have made progress, it is simply encouraging because you used to know so much less and you realize that you can go so much further. Proper progress tracking is one of the best ways that you can ensure that you don’t end up dropping out.


You should also account for the quality of the customer service that you get out of a particular service. While some users may never end up using the included support with a service, others may end up needing them every few days. You will want to ensure that this support is as helpful as possible.

Quality support will help you with any issues you encounter while you are in your class, and even better support will help you learn the language. The best language programs have teachers providing support for when you are trying to learn a particularly difficult concept.

Extra Features

Something else to consider when you are registering for the ideal program is how many additional features you will have at your disposal. These features can vary from class to class, but you may have to pay a little bit more for them.

Ideal learning program is how many additional features you will have at your disposal.

If you want your learning experience to go smoothly, extra features may help you out, but they are not integral for everyone.

Our Recommendation

Finally, here is our recommendation for the best online Spanish course:

Best Online Spanish Course - Rocket Languages

At this point, we get to our Rocket Languages review, and we have to admit that we were highly impressed. There are so many reasons why this is one of the best programs that you can use to learn the Spanish language. While Rocket may have a huge number of languages available, their Spanish department is one of their best.

You may think that Spanish is relatively easy to learn, but you will still need an effective program to ensure that your learning experience goes as smoothly as it can. That is where the Rocket Spanish class comes into the equation, as they make it so much more enjoyable to learn a new language.

What We Like About Rocket Spanish

One of the best parts of Rocket is that they use several methods that are employed by polyglots (those who speak several languages) to learn languages with ease. These techniques have been researched, and they have been proven to make your processing of a language go much more smoothly.

If you struggle with learning new languages, these tricks will help you do so with ease, which is what everyone hopes for when they sign up for their class. There are so many reasons why Rocket makes it easier to learn Spanish besides the experts who help design their programs, however.

Rocket Spanish

One of our favorite parts about the Rocket Languages Spanish program is that it does not only teach you how to speak the language, but it also teaches you about the language. If you understand the history behind a language and why it is the way that it is, you will find that it is much easier to learn.

Of course, if you would just like to focus on the language itself, nothing is stopping you from doing so. You will not have to learn about Spanish if you do not want to. If you feel confident that you don't need to review contextual materials to learn Spanish with greater ease, you can opt out of them.


Another feature that makes Rocket one of the best language programs for learning Spanish is their voice comparison software. While this may sound like some futuristic program that you would find on a sci-fi show, it is, in fact, a program that is used to ensure that your pronunciation is ideal.

When you learn a new language online, one of the most challenging things to do is ensure that you are pronouncing the words correctly. There are often fewer indicators that let you know how to pronounce a word, but more and more programs are seamlessly implementing pronunciation learning.

Learning how to pronounce words will not only help you understand how you should converse in a language, but it will also teach you different conventions in that language. For example, unless you know the pronunciation of a word like mañana, you may not know the unique pronunciation that is caused by the "ñ."

Class Options

The Rocket Languages Spanish language component contains a Spanish salutations section that teaches you all of the greetings and farewells that you will need to learn. This is one of the first parts that you will want to look at as it will make it so much easier to converse in Spanish.

Since greetings will be the first thing that you learn, you will be able to at least begin a basic interaction with someone who knows the language better. Of course, you do not have to be confined to a particular order, if you already know your greetings, you can skip ahead in the program.

Learn a new language

There is another component that consists of learning how to express time in Spanish, this means, of course, that you will learn more than just times, you will also learn days, months, etc. Being able to express the time in a new language is another thing that you should be able to do when you are first learning it.

The time section concerns more than just being able to state times, months, and years as it will also teach you how to speak to others about the time. This course will show you how to ask others for the time, how to tell them that you know the time and any other common phrases that are related to time.

Types Of Words

The next section that impressed us with this product was the combination of the verb course and the tense course. These two classes will teach you how to use Spanish verbs with ease. Verbs are one of the building blocks of a language, so knowing them is one of the most crucial points to understand.

Spanish has verbs that are in a different form than English verbs, since they will have to be conjugated specifically for each tense, much like the verbs in French (another Latin language). A comprehensive course to help you learn these two aspects will significantly improve your comprehension of this language.

Another section will help teach you the words that you will need to know when you are speaking Spanish. The words can vary from words that are used in everyday conversation to those that are a little less common but are no less useful. This section will necessarily be lengthy due to its very nature.

While some online Spanish courses will not teach you the words in a comprehensive manner, you can go as in-depth as you would like with Rocket Spanish. There is no longer any need to go over words that you will never end up using if you do not want to, which is a standard issue with many language programs.

Feeling Free To Learn

Freedom is something which is integral to the Rocket Spanish program. If you want to learn your chosen language with ease, you will need the freedom to learn your language in the manner you deem most fitting. If you are confined to a curriculum which doesn’t accommodate your needs, you will not be learning efficiently.

Girl is learning with pencil in her mouth.

There is also a course in the Rocket Spanish language program that teaches you each of the Spanish phrases that you will end up needing. Phrases can be one of the most convenient ways to ensure that you get a comprehensive understanding of the language when you are still a beginner.

Phrases do not only help you understand your chosen language with ease, but they make it much easier for you to communicate with others if you have a limited knowledge of the language. Being able to talk in a rudimentary fashion makes it much easier for you to interact with others.

Of course, one of the most essential classes is the Spanish grammar course, that will help teach you linguistic conventions that are common in Spanish writing. This lesson will make it much easier for you to speak Spanish in addition to improving your ability to read and write, even if you are new to the language.

Grammar can be somewhat tricky in other languages, but in Spanish, it is not that much different than English, at least when it comes to the meanings of specific symbols. There are a few distinctions to account for in Spanish Grammar, but most of them are simple enough.

Overall, we must say that this is one of the best online language programs that we have come across.

While Rocket Spanish classes may not be as flashy as some of the other options, they make up for it with comprehensive course options as well as excellent support for those who are struggling.

Many things make this an excellent service that we have not had the time to describe, so you may wish to take a look at the services offered by Rocket for yourself.

Rocket Languages logo


We hope that we have been able to give you a good idea of how much Rocket Spanish can help you learn this language. If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to leave them in the comments down below.

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