Learning Spanish With Music

Learning Spanish With Music

Learning another language can be a daunting task especially if you’ve never attempted to do learn one before. When people set out to learn Spanish they are usually doing so to help them progress in their career, be able to communicate better with friends and family, or when moving to another country where Spanish is the dominant language.

Thankfully, Spanish is known as one of the easier languages to learn and it’s all thanks to the musical tone of the words. If you’re setting out to learn Spanish but are concerned about how to make the process easier, doing your lessons with the aid of music could be just what you’re looking for.

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There are so many great things that music can help us with in our daily lives, whether it’s to get motivated to clean the house or help to relax us if we’re feeling stressed. By blending the process of learning a language like Spanish with the advantages of music, there are so many ways that you can benefit.

You Can Take Music Anywhere

When you decide to learn Spanish with music you’re opening up your classroom to incorporate the entire world. One of the biggest benefits to learning the Spanish language with the aid of music is that you can take your lessons with you wherever you go, whether it’s listening on your headphones or playing them through a stereo at home.

Because Spanish music and the language is such a light and happy style of sound, this music will fit in with just about any situation you go to. There’ll be no boredom from sitting in a classroom or reading from a book as you’ll have the music and lesson in your ears.

Breaking Down The Song Makes It Easy

Sometimes when we’re studying or learning something new, the overload of information can make it hard to recall anything. If we try to feed our brains with too much information then it’s unlikely that we’ll understand or remember it, which is where music can come in handy.

La Bamba Spanish+English lyrics.

Music is often broken up into smaller parts, whether it’s just a song, or a line of lyrics, or perhaps an entire chorus. Having the lessons and words separated into these more manageable pieces means you’re more likely to remember them and enjoy the repetition that they offer. You can restart or rewind songs whenever you like, and they’ll always be just as small and easy to listen to as ever.

Song Lyrics Help Further

Not only is it great to have the upbeat tempo and tone of music playing in the background, but the lyrics are extremely important in this type of education. Learning how to speak Spanish is a lot about listening to the words but also understanding their written form, so it’s great to read along as you’re listening.

Having the music playing alongside the lyrics as they’re read will give you double the lesson and help you to remember what you’re being taught even better than before. Some people work better with the audio style of learning and others prefer to visualize their lessons, including reading the words and their syllables and grammar. Whichever way works for you is possible when you learn Spanish with music.

Getting The Right Pronunciation

If you’ve ever tried to read a book before filled with complicated words or even tried to understand the written form of another language, you’ll know how hard it can be. Learning how to speak Spanish by simply reading the pages of the book will not be able to show you the correct pronunciation which is imperative for this very special language.

When you listen to Spanish music and have the words being spoken and explained alongside it, you’re guaranteed to have the correct and genuine Spanish pronunciation. All of these factors work together to make it easier to learn and in the right way, so you don’t have to feel unsure about whether or not you’re pronouncing things correctly.

Music Helps With Memory

People have long known about how effective it is to use rhymes or songs to remember something, with many people using this process before exams and tests. Researchers have actually proven the link between music and memory which shows just how beneficial it can be to learn something like Spanish language with the help of music.

Music in the brain, illustrated.

Our brains sometimes struggle with retrieving data which we might have previously read or studied, but with the addition of music, we can use it as a cue to get the information. Adding rhymes, alliteration, and rhythm to the words that we’re studying makes it easier for us to recall them at a later date.

This just proves how helpful it can be to listen to music while you’re learning another language, and no language is as musical as Spanish.

A Prominent Musical Language

We’ve known for centuries about just how helpful music can be in all areas of life, so it makes sense to put it to good use for education. Learning a language as musical as Spanish can be made even easier when you combine it with rhymes and rhythms, and once you get started you’ll wonder how you ever learned anything without it.

Spanish doesn’t need to be difficult to learn especially when you have music helping you along. Whether it’s to break down the grammar and spelling with lyrics or to help you with pronunciation, there are so many ways that music can help. Science has proven just how beneficial it is to listen to music as you learn, so it’s time to test it out for yourself and see how proficient it can make you at learning.

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