10 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up A Spanish Audiobook

10 Reasons Why You Should Pick Up A Spanish Audiobook

If you spend a lot of time commuting to work or driving cars, then you should get an audiobook in Spanish. They will help you understand the material faster and stay more engaged than other forms of media.

And in this guide, we’ll help you understand the benefits of using a Spanish audiobook. Within a few months of learning, they’ll help a basic Spanish speaker increase their skill and almost sound like a native!

What Are Audiobooks?

Audiobooks are abridged versions or word-for-word versions of written books. You can listen to your audiobooks on a cell phone, portable music player, tablet, computer, or cars that support streaming audio.

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Why Use Audiobooks Compared To Podcasts Or Other Learning Methods?


Some people prefer to use an audiobook instead of reading text for learning, and perhaps you're one of them. If you're not a fan of reading, you can use an audiobook as an alternative option.

Saves Time

As much as multitasking is discouraged, it can be very effective when learning Spanish. Audiobooks are perfect for that. You can listen to your learn Spanish audiobooks while cleaning around the house, driving, folding clothes, or any other task that doesn't require a lot of focus.

It's very effective when you're traveling or commuting. Just open up an audiobook and start listening to it on your way to work. Not only will it help you relax on your way to your job, but you'll feel more engaged once you arrive to work.


Some Spanish lessons are better consumed via audio instead of text. You’ll find conceptual books and Spanish biographies easier to listen to than viewing it in text form.

Once in a while, people will find a Spanish book, but then get bored due to the extensive text that’s in the book. If you ever get into a situation where you like the book’s content but find it hard to digest, then you should get the audiobook version and start from there.

Listen To Correct Pronunciation

Most students who read Spanish often find themselves in a bit of a pigeonhole. For example, they will become well at reading and writing in Spanish, but unable to listen or speak in Spanish. Because of this, it's best to use an audiobook to help in your learning.

When you listen to audiobooks, you’re able to hear the pronunciation, accents, and the speed of the language. After a few hours of listening, you’ll start to understand the intricacies of the language and begin to speak the language better.

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And how does this help? Audiobooks will help you improve your ability to speak conversational Spanish. The audio will help your brain listen to the language, and help you respond faster. Thus, making it easier for you to speak to native Spanish speakers due to your hours of learning Spanish audio.

Listening Comprehension

The best Spanish audiobooks will teach users how to comprehend the language faster. Sure, you can use a textbook, you'll only see the language not hear it spoken. This makes it

When students can hear Spanish information or lessons as a whole, spoken by a human being, this increases their comprehension. Kids that are in 3-8 grade can place all of the important information in one setting and start to make sense of the text.

Educational Independence

When students have access to content and can work independently, they become more confident in their education and have the ability to control their learning outcome. Students who use audiobooks can increase their continuity of learning in the classroom. With audiobooks, students can feel more like insiders and help them develop normal peer relationships.

Removes Word Decoding Anxiety

Most students don't like to learn Spanish via textbook because it increases their anxiety. Once the pressure of reading Spanish in writing is gone, students can learn and happy once they start seeing results.

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This also reduces the lag time in decoding words, which becomes even more important when the text becomes more rigorous. Anxiety plays a large role in a student’s learning experience, so introducing them to audiobooks will help students enjoy learning more.

Creates Background Knowledge

Sure you can learn with a textbook, but the book is usually designed to show only one side of the story. With audiobooks, students can learn more about Spanish history, increase their vocabulary and improve their overall knowledge of the language.

The exposure helps them build their background knowledge, which is necessary for the students critical thinking. The ability to understand the background context with audiobooks make it easier for them to understand more advanced concepts.

If you limit yourself to learning Spanish via textbook, you’ll find yourself at a disadvantage. You’ll lose opportunities to understand information and content that represents your intellect and capabilities. This is not only difficult and causes emotional stress, but it can hinder your learning process.

Prevents Working-Memory Deficit

Some students have trouble fully memorizing Spanish phrases and information when using textbooks alone. By eliminating the need to decode words, you can understand, remember, and retain more content.

When you begin to read with your ears, you start to increase your working memory. This helps you respond to questions about the text faster. The more you learn Spanish with audiobooks, the more you'll be able to get around a subject that's difficult by reading alone. Building this working memory makes it easier to read in-depth Spanish text and improves your reading ability.

Develops Content Knowledge

Obtaining access to Spanish audiobooks will improve your self-esteem and increases your participation in discussions and conversations. Just because you aren’t able to read Spanish words as fast as your peers, doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to learn this information. Listening to audiobooks will help you get more information when you’re ready, not when you’re reading it.

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In the end, you should learn Spanish audiobook free if you're serious about mastering the language. They will help you get a better grasp on speaking the language fluently and being able to respond to other Spanish speakers. In conclusion, try to read the audiobooks at least 3-5 times a week to get the best results.

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