Top 6 Spanish Podcasts In 2018

Top 6 Spanish Podcasts In 2018

So you want to learn Spanish. But you don’t know where to start. While you could opt for a textbook, chances are the content will either leave you bored or unable to fully digest the material.

That's why there are Spanish podcasts available to help you get a better grasp of the language. And in this post, we'll show you the top 6 podcasts that are currently available.

Podcasts Impact Your Spanish Learning

Podcasts are a convenient way to learn Spanish as it will enhance your learning. As with any skill or language, the real power comes in applying what you’ve learned.

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With podcasts in spanish, you’ll transition from a passive to an active learner. This step starts when you write or speak Spanish. When listening to podcasts, you can write down new words and make flash cards out of them.

If you’re confident in your speaking abilities, you can talk about what you’ve learned. For more bonus points, try to speak what you’ve learned in Spanish. Doing so will help you learn Spanish faster and is a more effective way of using your time.

How Do They Improve Your Spanish?

Listening to podcasts is a quick and efficient way to learn Spanish. Learning languages boil down to exposure and repetition. However, if you don’t live in a Spanish speaking country or have a Spanish speaker in your household, podcasts can be the next best option.

Podcasts can range from a few minutes to an hour in length. And these podcasts cover almost every topic imaginable. If you like to catch up on current events, some podcasts discuss the news. If you're a fan of football teams like Real Madrid, there are podcasts for sports as well. And if you want to relearn Spanish concepts, there are Spanish teaching podcasts available.

Notes In Spanish

This blog is great for intermediate speakers as it has both an English and Spanish speaker helping you learn the language. Ben is from England and moved to Spain in 1998 and was unable to speak a single word in Spanish. Now he’s an interpreter and both him and his wife Maria host Notes in Spanish.

At this point, you’ve probably had Spanish classes, textbooks, and lessons under your belt, but you don’t have any sense of real-world application. That’s where this podcast shines at.

Notes In Spanish

Maria and Ben discuss real-world situations and have conversations while helping you learn differences between estar and ser. They have a relaxed teaching style and offer support in basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.

News In Slow Spanish

Do you have a hard time when it's spoken in a conversational pace? News in Slow Spanish is a great podcast because each of their episodes is about 10 minutes long. Usually, the radio station covers the latest news from Spain to Latin America. The radio news is spoken in slow Spanish, making it easier for beginners to understand the words. There are also transcripts available to read along with the news.

Spanish Pod 101

Spanish Pod is another great spanish learning podcast that has lessons that are 10-15 minutes long. The lessons are straightforward and tend to have the following structure:

  • Slow pace conversations
  • Normal pace conversations
  • Translated conversation
  • Culture
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary

In fact, Spanish Pod has 500 lessons available. But, with the free version that's available to the public, it only shows the latest 10 lessons. If you want to learn from this podcast fully, you'll have to buy a membership subscription.

Radio Ambulante

This is one of the best spanish podcasts because of its brilliant journalism. It teaches their lessons in Spanish and also tells stories about Latin America. In fact, the podcast was so good at telling unique stories that it was chosen by NPR for distribution last year.

If you’re interested in the challenges and culture in Latin America; this is the best podcast to tune into. And it’s in Spanish so you’ll get the opportunity to learn and listen to the stories in a slow and easy pace.

Radio Ambulante has an expansive range of stories, from sports to Latin American current events. Each story has a high standard of imaginative journalism and storytelling, which makes the podcast a must-listen if you’re interested in understanding more about Spanish history.

El País Seminal

Did you ever have the chance to read the New York Times Sunday Magazine? They have stories that are in depth and have a good writing style. That’s what makes the Sunday magazines special.

El Pais seminal is a Spanish version of that. This podcast has a newspaper that’s published every Sunday while having a podcast that you can listen in any location in the world. The podcast is a great way to learn more about the Spanish arts and culture scene.

Historians, directors, writers, and singers are featured in the podcast. You’ll also find honest interviews with Spanish influential leaders. Even if you’re unable to read Spanish fluently, you can improve your listening skills when tuning into this podcast.

Actual Fluency Podcast

Ready to become inspired to learn Spanish? That’s the feeling most users get when they listen to Actual Fluency Podcast. This isn’t a basic learn spanish podcast. Every week the host, Kris Broholm invites Spanish speaking experts to talk about the Spanish learning process.

Actual Fluency Podcast

Broholm is a huge supporter of learning a language independently. He made the podcast in order assist language learners and keep them entertained, inspired, and informed. He takes the listener on a journey of learning Spanish and reveals the methods that work and which ones don’t along the way.

Kris Broholm sheds light on recent topics such as language anxiety and teaching a foreign language to children. Also, he's reviewed books, podcasts, products, and other resources. We suggest that you try this podcast if you want to remove the guesswork from the Spanish learning process and increase your skills immediately.


It doesn't matter if you've learned Spanish for 4 minutes or 4 years. Using a podcast will help you understand the language, discover important information about Spanish history, and help speak the language more fluently. Ultimately, try using these 6 podcasts and choose which one suits your needs the most.

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