Top 7 Famous Spanish YouTubers

Top 7 Famous Spanish YouTubers

Spanish is one of the most popular languages that's spoken worldwide. In fact, over 437 million people speak it, making it the second most popular language behind English. Due to advances in technology and video sharing sites such as YouTube, it's easier for people to teach the language and help basic speakers become more fluent.

These are the top 7 Famous Spanish YouTubers that are known for their entertaining content, or their ability to provide easy to follow lessons.

What Are The Benefits Of Learning Spanish On YouTube? 

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    Free lessons: Instead of paying money for a class that you have to attend daily, YouTube videos are free of charge. The YouTubers who upload their videos are paid by the number of views their videos receive and the amount of people subscribed to their channel.
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    Replay Value: With YouTube, you have the freedom to watch the video and replay it as many times needed. In fact, you can pause and rewind a section if you’re unsure how to pronounce a word or need to hear your instructor explain a concept more clearly.
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    Closed Captioned Videos: Every learning spanish youtube video has English subtitles. This makes it easier to follow along with the instructor and helps you translate Spanish more effectively.
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    Clear Explanations: Spanish YouTubers give lessons that are easy to follow and are explained in both English and Spanish. Their explanations are clear and concise, which reduces the time it takes to learn the language and increase your speaking skills as a result.

1: Hola Soy German

  • Subscribers: 33+ Million
  • Videos: 137

Hola Soy German is a popular YouTuber from Chile. With his large following of 33 million subscribers, he’s regarded as the most popular Spanish YouTuber of all time. He’s the star of his own show and is the only actor in every video that he uploads.

Hola Soy German


However, he speaks very fast, making it very hard for beginners to get used to him. If you're an advanced speaker, you should watch his videos as he publishes interesting and funny content. His vocabulary isn't difficult, and you're guaranteed to learn a few words and lessons from his storytelling.

Recommended for: Advanced Speakers

2: Werevertumorro

  • Subscribers: 15+ Million
  • Videos: 1,003

Werevertumorro is one of the top Spanish YouTubers with over 15 million followers. Also, he's one of the most important influencers due to his variety of videos that he uploads to his channel.



He creates fun videos that speak on interesting topics like "SE VA A HACER O NO SE VA A HACER." Werevertumorro is a versatile YouTuber who creates parody videos and personal videos where he gives his users advice on speaking Spanish and finding love.

His voice tone is very expressive and clear. However, he speaks fast, so you'll have to take that into consideration when watching his videos. Like most famous Spanish YouTubers, his videos are short, so you'll have to keep up with what he's saying to fully understand it.

Recommended For: Intermediate and Advanced Spanish

3: Daniela Bos

  • Subscribers: 628,760
  • Videos: 142

Daniela Bos is a Spanish YouTube vlogger who uploads videos on her life in Mexico. Throughout the channel, she shares facts such as current events, Spanish culture, and creates funny sketches to keep her viewers entertained.

Daniela Bos


She has an easy-going teaching style and has a clear tone that's easy to understand. Her videos will help you develop a fluid vocabulary and understand a variety of in-depth topics (music, dating, food, etc.). If you want to improve your conversational Spanish speaking skills, Daniela Bos is a great YouTuber to get started!

Recommended For: Beginner-Intermediate Learners

4: Spanish Pod 101

  • Subscribers: 168,545
  • Videos: 442

Spanish Pod 101 is a YouTube channel that gives viewers a basic introduction to Spanish culture, life, and most importantly, the language. They provide free video lessons on Spanish-themed topics such as fiestas, holidays, and relaxing. On average, the videos are about 2-4 minutes long and is spoken in Spanish (English subtitles included).

Spanish Pod 101


It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll find a lot of lessons to help you improve your grammar, counting, and general Spanish conversational skills. Each video is narrated at a normal speed to help you discover new words and speak them correctly.

What makes Spanish Pod 101 stand out from other spanish language video channels? At the end of each video, there are fun facts and quiz questions to ensure that you've fully learned the material. Thus, making this channel a great start if you want a simple, yet fun approach to learning Spanish!

Recommended For: Beginner-Advanced Learners

5:  Señor Jordan

  • Subscribers: 136,138
  • Videos: 667

Señor Jordan has uploaded Spanish tutorial videos for over 10 years. Since he’s a licensed teacher in the US, he has great experience with teaching English speakers. The majority of his videos help focus on common problems in pronouncing, translating, and comprehending Spanish.

Señor Jordan


His lessons are interesting and fun and will help beginners improve their speaking skills within a matter of months!

Recommended For: Beginner-Intermediate Learners

6: Professor Jason

  • Subscribers: 64,781
  • Videos: 142

Professor Jason is a YouTuber that offers a series of free Spanish videos that cover different aspects of speech and grammar. For example, he teaches his viewers the placement of Spanish adjectives, when it's appropriate to use the subjective, and knowing how to ask and answer questions.

Professor Jason


In fact, he creates videos for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners. Usually, his videos are about 20-30 minutes long which is longer than most Spanish tutorials. While that might be too long for some people, you can pause at a certain section and pick up where you left off.

Professor Jason is an expert in Spanish and gives a friendly, engaging, and warm presentation in his videos. In all of his videos, he's either speaking directly to the camera or the camera is focused on his writing as he helps his users translate Spanish phrases to English.

Recommended For: Beginner-Advanced Learners

7: LightSpeed Spanish

  • Subscribers: 33,565
  • Videos: 685

LightSpeed Spanish is a channel that's run by Cynthia Durán (Madrid Spain) and Gordon Smith (UK). The happy couple uploads videos teaching beginner speakers Spanish fundamentals, correct grammatical structure, and sharing tips to help enhance your speaking skills.

LightSpeed Spanish


Like their YouTube channel, they have very good podcasts which can be downloaded and heard at a later time. Also, Lightspeed Spanish has an active online community that helps each other learn Spanish through advice, presentations, and through one on one conversations. Give this channel a look if you want a community driven approach to learning Spanish.

Recommended For: Beginner-Advanced Learners

Closing Thoughts

Learning Spanish on YouTube is easy. You can follow any of the spanish YouTubers on this list and learn faster than you would in a traditional classroom. In conclusion, we suggest that you follow some of these channels and watch their videos to become more fluent in speaking Spanish!

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