Is Synergy Spanish Really The Best Way To Learn Spanish Online?

Is Synergy Spanish Really The Best Way To Learn Spanish Online?

Many people believe that if you don’t take the time in school to learn Spanish as a second language, you’re going to have a difficult time trying to learn it as an adult. Even if you did take Spanish in school, if you didn’t speak the language regularly, chances are you forgot everything you’ve learned and only bits and pieces of it makes sense.

Whether you’re someone who’s learning Spanish for the first time, or you need a refresher, there’s no short supply of options you could use. There once was a time where the most preferred way to learn Spanish was by taking classes in person and having a professor help you navigate your way through the lessons.

Today, we are going to talk to you about an online course called Synergy Spanish. In this guide, you’ll learn a little about the history of the program, what we like about it, class options, and much more.

About Synergy Spanish

Synergy Spanish Author

Synergy Spanish is an online Spanish learning program that uses a different approach of teaching the Spanish language to others. The founder and former English teacher, Marcus Santamaria, believes that 50% of all communication in any language uses approximately 100 (138 words to be exact) words. According to Santamaria, if you’re able to memorize those 100+ words, you’ll be able to understand basic Spanish.

Now, that’s not to say all you’ll ever need are those 100+ words. You’ll learn other Spanish words the more you practice speaking, reading, and listening to the language.

Spanish structure is much different than the way we speak English. The Synergy Spanish courses focus on how native Spanish speakers communicate on a daily basis, instead of a regimented course you may have had in high school.

With this course, you’ll get various audio lessons where you’ll listen in on regular people having a casual conversation. You have the ability to stop and replay the audio file and listen/repeat the responses whenever you need or want to.

The Claims

Speaking Spanish and Mexican

Synergy Spanish claims that it will only take you 25 days to not only learn 138 words but master the language – if you put in a lot of time and energy working on it. Does it really work? Can you really speak Spanish fluently if you only know 138 words? Let’s find out.

The Method

The method that Spanish is taught with this course is by breaking down sentences into small, easy to manage chunks. Then you, the student, have to put the sentences back together. Although this sounds easy, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’re forming more complex sentences in Spanish.

Unlike other language courses that teach you Spanish in themes or parts of speech, from the very first day, you are going to start learning sentences. The typical sentences you’ll be working with in Synergy Spanish look follow this structure:

  • ​Verb + Person + Time Expression
  • Voy a verla manana. (I’m going to see her tomorrow.)

​This method stems from the method of converting English sentences and words into Spanish. For example, most English words that end on “-or” will be the same when translated in Spanish. Examples of this include:

  • El doctor – the doctor
  • El actor – the actor

​What’s interesting about Synergy Spanish is that it the vocabulary you’re going to be learning aren’t random words. The words you will learn are going to give you the basics so that you can communicate with locals when you travel, but also allow you to grow your vocabulary based upon your lifestyle, interests, and your end goal.

About The Course

Synergy Spanish is divided into 5 sections. Each of those sections will teach you key factors that goes into learning Spanish.

  • ​Section 1 will teach you how to introduce yourself in Spanish. Not only will you be able to introduce yourself, but it will teach you how to talk about yourself with confidence when speaking in Spanish.
  • ​Section 2 will slowly teach you the skills to carry a conversation. You’ll learn how to use conversation starters and sentence builders so that you can start and carry a conversation comfortably in Spanish with another Spanish speaker.
  • ​Section 3 will teach you extra language skills that you will need to understand daily conversations with native Spanish speakers. You’ll be able to start communicating in groups and will be able to express yourself openly.
  • Section 4 will teach you how to communicate to a group more effectively. Some group conversations may include hypothetical conversations with co-workers, students, family, and friends.
  • Section 5 will act of a round-up section. Here, you’ll have the chance to have free flowing conversations with anyone about anything.

​Course Options

With the Synergy Spanish course, there are three different course options you can choose from:

Most Affordable Package: Synergy Light

  • ​68 Online Audio Lessons
  • ​Fast Start Action Guide
  • ​iPhone, iPad and Android App

​​​Most Popular Package: Synergy Video

  • ​68 Online Audio Lessons
  • ​Fast Start Action Guide
  • ​​iPhone, iPad and Android App
  • list-ul
    68 Online Video Lessons
  • list-ul
    90-Day Email Coaching

​​​​​Best Value: Synergy Video Plus CDs

  • ​68 Online Audio Lessons
  • ​Fast Start Action Guide
  • ​iPhone, iPad and Android App
  • list-ul
    ​68 Online Video Lessons
  • list-ul
    ​90-Day Email Coaching
  • list-ul
    The Audio Lessons on 12 CDs
  • list-ul
    Printed Version of the Action Guide

​​​​​​​What We Like About Synergy Spanish

Now that we have an overall view of what you can expect with this course, let’s get into what we love about Synergy Spanish.

1. Beginner Friendly

The first thing we like about this course is that it is incredibly easy for beginners of all ages. At first, the course is going to start off slow and you may feel like it’s a dumbed-down version, but trust us, it isn’t. As the lessons progress, so will the difficulty.

2. Real-Life Usable Spanish

Also, another great thing about this program is that it focuses on real-life Spanish. With this course, you’re not going to be writing full length term papers that are filled with words you’ll never use again. No, this course actually discourages you from focusing on grammar terms and abstract concepts.

With this program, you’re only going to learn words and sentences that you’ll actually use when speaking Spanish. You’ll gain cultural insight and conversational tips that’ll help you speak Spanish with confidence, even if you’re still learning the language.

3. Easy-To-Understand Explanations

Another great thing about this program is that everything is narrated by Marcus Santamaria himself. This way you understand everything that you’re being taught.

Also, he gives you time to think about an answer before you blurt it out. Then once the time for you to answer has elapsed, a native Spanish speaker will give you the correct answer and will also go over the proper pronunciation.

4. Tangible Study Tools Optional

We also like that you have the option of purchasing the audio lessons on CDs and you can get a printed version of the Action guide if you feel like you need extra help.

Of course, these tools are part of the highest package, but depending on how you learn, you may not even need them! We like that you have that option.

5. Study at Your Own Pace

Study When You Want

If you’ve tried other Spanish courses, you may have noticed that they like to pile you up with so much work, your brain feels like jelly and everything you’ve learned is gone. With Synergy Spanish, that’s not the case. You have the ability to study at your own pace.

If you’re working on something and you’re having troubles, you can pause the audio file and replay it as many times as you need to. The main goal of using this program is to do what you need to in order to learn the language and speak it well.

6. Memory Techniques

If you have trouble remembering lessons presented to you in the past, Synergy Spanish uses memory retention techniques that’ll help students succeed in learning Spanish quickly and effectively.

What We Don’t Like About Synergy Spanish

Although there were many things we love about this program, we still have a few concerns that we’d like to share with you.

1. No Room For Advancement

While we absolutely love that this system is beginner friendly, we’re a little disappointed that there isn’t any room to improve on your skills. This course will not help you speak Spanish fluently like a native speaker. At best, this course can be looked at like a survival guide if ever you find yourself stranded in a Spanish-only place.

2. Lack Of Interaction

Interaction and talking

When you look at other programs, they offer a variety of exercises that help you familiarize yourself with writing in Spanish. If you’re not taking the course to help you in a professional sense and just want to socialize better, this may not be a problem.

Also, not only is there no need to write anything with this course, but you also won’t have the chance to have a dialogue with someone. Its true that you have the audio and optional videos that you can repeat and practice with (and you may even have a perfect accent), but unless you talk with someone else, you may not have an easy time understanding a friend’s accent.

Yes… Practice does make perfect, especially when it comes to conversing in another language.

3. Repetitive

If you’re someone who finds it helpful to work slowly and master a topic or lesson before moving on to the next section, then you’re going to like working with this program. However, if you’re someone who picks things up pretty easily and like to zip through the material, then you may find yourself getting a little annoyed with the pacing of this program.

Depending on where you stand, this may be a positive or it may be a negative.

4. Digital Course

While we did mention that there were CDs and a printout that you could get to coincide with the online material, we’re disappointed that they are only available with the highest package.

Other Useful Information

Money Back Guarantee

If you’re afraid of spending money on a digital language learning course because you don’t think it’ll work for you, don’t worry! The program comes with a 100% money back guarantee within 90-days if you’re not satisfied. 

Since the course claims to be able to teach you how to speak Spanish in 28 days, you’ll have an additional two months to decide if you’re happy with the results or not.

Our Recommendations

When it comes to learning the Spanish language, there are countless programs and courses out there that claims to make you fluent within X-amount of days. That isn’t what you’re getting with this course.

This course is designed for beginners who want to be able to speak Spanish well enough to converse with friends or locals when they travel. If you had trouble grasping Spanish grammar and syntax in school, you’ll love this course because you’re only learning things you need to know.

Unlike school, you’re not going to be given long vocabulary lists. Instead, you will be learning a whopping 138 words. That’s it. You will learn how to structure simple sentences, which are all you really need in everyday conversations.

In our opinion, this is a fantastic program for those who are interested in learning how to speak Spanish, not fluently, but pretty darn well at the beginner level. This course has a lot of great things going for it and we think you’ll have a fantastic experience using Synergy Spanish – no matter what package you wish to purchase.

If you have any questions or concerns, please leave them in the comments below.

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