Learning Spanish With Video Games

Learning Spanish With Video Games

When you’re attempting to learn a new language, the best approach is to practice it and not just study it. Any way that you can incorporate the language into your everyday life or use it with things that you regularly do will surely help you learn it faster, and that’s why Spanish video games can be such a great learning tool.

People often assume that to learn Spanish through a game or movie, you have to buy one that is from a Spanish speaking region. However, as you’ll see, there are plenty of English games available with the option to change to Spanish language, giving you a great opportunity to learn the language and have fun while you’re doing it.

Anything we can do to make our language studies fun will obviously make us want to do them more, and what’s more enjoyable than video games? If you’re a fan of games or are just looking for a new way to put your language skills to good use, then playing a video game in Spanish is the perfect place to start.

Popular Video Games In Spanish

Skyrim On Spanish

When you’re looking for a game to build your Spanish skills, there’s no need to play a game that’s made only for Spanish. In fact, if you’re an avid video game player there’s a good chance that most of the games you own actually come with a language option that lets you switch to Spanish. Here are some examples of popular games where you can learn and play at the same time:

  • The Walking Dead: Based on the popular TV series, this game gives you a chance to learn the colloquial style of Spanish language which can be quite helpful
  • Skyrim: This game offers many different scenarios and scenes you can learn from, and there’s no time limit set on when you can respond. This gives you more of a chance to read, listen or understand what’s being said
  • Command and Conquer: Strategy games like this require a lot of thought before action and the dialogues are quite detailed, giving you a vast array of words to learn from
  • Grand Theft Auto: The latest Grand Theft Auto game comes with the option to change speech and text to Spanish so you can experience the entirety of gameplay in another language
  • Language games: There are video games specifically designed to teach a language if you’d prefer to learn in this format instead

Why Play Video Games In Spanish?

Lego Star Wars On Spanish

The most obvious benefit of playing video games in Spanish is how it allows you to learn the language in a completely different setting. You’ll have cues from other parts of the game that make it easier to pick up on what’s being said, so you’re not reading the words or hearing them spoken without any other clues.

Video games were designed for fun and if we’re able to do something enjoyable while learning the language then we’ll want to spend more time on it. There’s no need to feel guilty about playing games if you’re getting the added bonus of learning Spanish as well, so you can play for as many hours as your free time will permit.

Finally, there are plenty of other benefits on top of learning languages. Video games can help with your logic skills, creativity, critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, and more. In addition to learning Spanish, you’ll be working on all other parts of your brain and keeping an active mind, so it’s a hugely beneficial way to pass the time.

How To Play Games In Spanish

Most modern games have been made with an option to change the language, and as Spanish is one of the most commonly used languages in the world, it’s no wonder that it features pretty heavily. If you’re unsure about how to change the language settings, the best place to start is the game menu.

Depending on the platform you’re playing on, you’ll need to check the game’s settings and look for the language option. You might get the choice to just use subtitles or change the audio as well, so whatever you feel comfortable with is the way to go. Be mindful that some games worked on a limited time allowance to make decisions, so unless you’re confident with Spanish you might want to work your way up to these.

For games where you play online with others, you might want to choose to play with those who speak Spanish. This means choosing a location where you know the language is used so that you can practice your verbal skills as well, giving yourself even more chances to learn as you play.

A Fun Way To Learn

Two Guys Playing Playstation

Learning a new language isn’t always going to be fun, and like anything worth doing it’s going to take commitment and practice. The key to learning smarter and faster though is to try and incorporate your language studies into your everyday life and make it something that you practice and not just read about.

It’s a known fact that when we’re enjoying what we’re doing we want to do it more, and that’s especially true when learning something. Adding the element of fun to your language studies that video games offer means you’ll study without even thinking and likely be able to retain whatever you’ve learned in the process.

Video games are a great pastime that many people enjoy and knowing that there are ways to change the language settings to Spanish means you can learn while you play. Regardless of what genre of game you like or even if you’ve never played video games before, you’ll get the amazing benefits of language skills when you play in Spanish and have a whole lot of fun when you’re doing it.


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